School Fundraisers

Partner with Crave Candles Co. for Your Next School Fundraiser!


Nothing means more to us than giving back to the communities that support us.


That's why, each year, we partner with schools across the United States to offer fundraising opportunities that help young people raise money for clubs, teams, after-school programs, extra-curricular activities, field trips, class supplies and more!



We offer our school partners the chance to sell our Luxury Matte White 8 oz. Soy Candles, with the choice of 8 fabulous fragrances, for $20 apiece.


For each Crave Candle Co. candle sold, that school's organization or team keeps $8!


That means if you'd like to raise $10,000 for your program, you have the chance to sell 1,250 candles to go towards travel expenses, uniforms, supplies and more!


Ready to get started?


Call (205) 983-2808 to register your school's organization and start raising funds today!