The Story Behind the Steel City Collection

The Story Behind the Steel City Collection

Birmingham, Alabama, is known as the "Steel City" due to its significant role in the iron and steel industry during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


The city's history as a major industrial center and its close association with steel production have earned it this iconic nickname.


In the late 1800s, Birmingham's proximity to abundant deposits of iron ore, coal, and limestone made it an ideal location for steel production.


Visionary entrepreneurs and industrialists recognized the region's vast natural resources and capitalized on them to establish a thriving steel industry.


This led to the rapid growth of Birmingham as numerous steel mills, foundries, and related industries sprouted up across the city.


The steel industry in Birmingham boomed, and the city became a major player in national and international steel markets.


The blast furnaces and towering smokestacks of the steel mills dominated the city's skyline, symbolizing its industrial might and becoming an integral part of Birmingham's identity.


As the steel industry thrived, Birmingham attracted a massive influx of workers from various backgrounds, including immigrants from Europe and rural communities within the United States.


The industry provided numerous employment opportunities, driving population growth and shaping the city's cultural landscape.


The steel mills not only provided jobs but also contributed to the development of infrastructure and amenities in Birmingham.


The city's skyline was dotted with industrial structures, while steel-related businesses and services flourished, creating a vibrant economy centered around the steel industry.


Historically known as an industrial city, Birmingham has undergone a transformation to become a more diversified economy, with sectors such as healthcare, finance, technology, education and professional services playing increasingly important roles.


In honor of the Steel City and our Birmingham roots, we created a collection of bold, industrial-chic vessels in all our fabulous fragrances.


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